Why choose us

StockCore has been in the online trading industry since 2009. For more than one decade in the market we have been developing our products, services, expertise to provide clients who have put their trust in us, the best trading conditions in the market.
We are periodically announcing new innovative technology solutions, and packages of services according to their expectations and goals.

Reading clients feedback and transforming it in better quality for our services has been one of our very successful strategies. Our team is very dedicated and passionate to develop an easy to use yet highly professional trading platform. Furthermore it is very important for us, our client's security and safety, this is why we have close collaboration with the leaders of online transactions, VISA and MasterCard companies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a healthy trading environment.
We believe that everyone has the right to access the same trading markets and trade with the same high quality trading conditions.

Our Core Values

Make things simple

Our main goal is to simplify the complexity of trading online into strategies, tools, techniques, effective technologies. Whenever traders start trading with us, we welcome them with bonuses and help them in everything they need assistance.

Always innovative

We are proud to say that we have offered state-of-the-art technology since our first days in this industry. Even last month we introduced new features of our home developed platform, Web Trader. When it comes to technology, we are unstoppable.

Trade and enjoy the process

Trading is a real adrenaline, sometimes complex but we are by your side to simplify the difficulties and help you stay on the truck all the time. We advise everyone, to trade and relax and enjoy the process. Trading is not one day or two. It takes time to be successful. Patience.

Transparency and honesty

Being transparent is a core value here at StockCore. You can find on our website any charge, fee, commission according to the service you want. There is never, ever any hidden fees or hidden charges. We have made everything visible and we make sure this information is easy to find from you.