StockCore Web Trader

What is StockCore Web Trader?

StockCore Web Trader is developed as a trading platform dedicated to beginner traders. It is accessible on the web only.
There is no need for downloading or installation processing. Trade directly on your favorite browser.
StockCore Web Trader is the choice of thousands of newbies in our company. It includes multiple chart views, economic calendar, trading indicators, signals, news, financial events.

Why use StockCore Web Trader?

StockCore Web Trader has proven itself as a reliable trading platform, simple to use by traders yet powerful enough to implement any strategy traders want.
It is simple, versatile and friendly for new clients who do not have any experience in trading.
You have available any trading capital protection functions and risk management tools.

StockCore Web Trader functionalities

- Defined market categories
- Updated, live market prices
- Various chart options
- Economic calendar
- Free hand to manage your positions
- Technical indicators
- Built-in functions

Web Trader order types

Buy Stop

Define a price you would like your position to be active in the market. When the current price of the asset is lower than the value you predefined you should use this order type.

Sell Stop

Open a position at a predefined price, use this order when you think that the price will reach a certain level and then continue going down.

Buy Limit

The buy order will be executed when the price of the asset will reach the level of the price you previously defined. This order is used when the price will go down until one point and than rise.

Sell Limit

This order is the opposite of ‘Buy Limit’, it opens a sell position when the price meets the level you predefined. It is used when the price will rise until one point and then drop.