Stock Core brings a range of carefully selected shares- the ones which have a good reputation, have shown themselves as successful assets among years.
 Shares are available to trade alone or through CFDs. Shares might be Facebook, Google, Apple and more.

Why trade Shares?

Trading shares is preferable from people who know how to read reports and to get information out of data.
There is plenty of information available over stocks, you can access it for free, you just need to read it correctly and to make good decisions over them.
Trade your favorite brands through shares.

Why trading shares with StockCore ?

Go Short

Going short or selling stocks is one of the essential ways of generating profits. The beauty is that you can profit on both sides. It needs just to make the right decision, if you go short and the prices drop, congratulations, you just made your profits! If you go long and the prices go high, congratulations again, you made profits again!

Trade with Stock Core conditions

We are offering 2 trading platforms so you choose the one you get familiar faster. Our Stockcore WebTrader platform is very suitable for newbies, as we got lots of good feedback from them, as they find the platform easy, effective and intuitive yet it has the tools and powerful functionalities to help you create your profitable trading experience.

Trading Shares Cons

One of the biggest advantages is that there is enormous data and information available about any public stock. Since they are public, they are obligatory by law to make their reports public. They are released in the first month of each financial quarter. Your part is analysing these numbers and trying to figure out the historical patterns of the underlying stock.

Earning Seasons

Earning seasons are the times during which markets are the most active, and shares bring their highest price fluctuations. Same as other assets, commodities, metals in particular, forex. It depends on the type of trader, if they choose to be active during the fluctuations times, or postpone their trading activities in calmer waters. It all depends on the trader's strategy.

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