Pick up among dozens of indices available in different markets, european, american, asian. Indices are very popular because the risk is diversified among the stocks which compose the index. They average out the volatility since they are representing the price of many stocks. We are by your side to assist you with highly professional advice.

Why trade Indices?

Indices are a collection of stocks which belong to the same industry sector.
They are considered as the economy’s compass, showing the direction of the overall state of the economy.
Indices are a great performance indicator of the economy and you do not need to analyse the stocks individually.

Why trading indices with StockCore ?

European, British, American, Australian, Asian Indices

Indices in these regions have different variables to be analysed, different opening hours and you can trade asian indices while being in Europe. Choose your favorite index market and trade globally with StockCore .

Pending Orders

Want to make a big move but you are not sure if it is the right moment. Well, you can open the position and keep it pending, waiting when the right moment comes. This is all automated procedure and it is very safe for traders.

One of a kind trading conditions

Our mission since we started was to provide one of a kind trading conditions. One-time decided spreads, negative balance protection, stop loss and take profits functions are some of the conditions we proudly serve in the market with.

Count on StockCore live Indices Prices