Forex trading was our first service when we were founded. During that time, StockCore were among few online trading companies enabling traders to fund and withdraw through their credit and debit card electronically. Our company is evolving all the time, bringing better products and services for all traders. We do not divide traders into beginners or experts, we help them all to be successful.

Why trade Forex?

Currency market is the most active market in the world.
It has a total daily trading volume of $5 trillion.
It is differently named as Forex or FX or Foreign Exchange.
It is famous among traders for its rapid price fluctuation.

Why trading currency pairs with StockCore ?

One-time decided spreads

While many of our competitors change spreads depending on the market conditions, we have fixed ranges of spreads. You will start with a one-time decided spread range and these will be the spreads you will pay during all the time you are trading with us.

Negative Balance Protection

Your balance will never go under zero. We do not allow our traders to lose more than they can afford. Negative balance protection policy is dedicated to that.

Pending orders available

Both trading platforms we provide you, allows traders to open, manage trades freely. More, you can keep a trade pending, so you expose it in the market once you think the conditions are right. One click and you are right in the spot.

Take profit/ Stop Loss

Think about the lowest price you are fine with and set stop-loss to automatically close the position when the predefined price is reached. It is considered as one of the most brilliant tools for risk management. We offer it with the platforms without any additional fees.

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