Digital Money

Bitcoin in the first and most valuable digital money, you can trade Bitcoin and profit in both directions, when prices go up and down. You will trade in a safe environment and unbeatable trading conditions. Knowing that you are in safe and professional hands with StockCore financial experts will save you time, money and worries.

Why trade digital money?

Digital money is the youngest market yet among the largest and most volatile ones. Compared to other markets, digital money goes through sharp and sudden and huge price movements, in relatively short time.

Why digital money are different from other assets?

Decentralized system

Digital money are mined with the help of their dedicated algorithms. This way, there is no dependency of digital money from central banks and governments.

Fast price movements

Prices change in one hour, experiencing drastic movements. This high volatility brings opportunities for traders who like day trading or scalping trading.

Thousands of choices

Bitcoin is the first digital money, which led the path for hundreds of other cryptos. Bitcoin is held in electronic wallets. We keep the client's capital in segregated accounts and not in exchanges.


This pair will give you a deep understanding of the market. It is also one of the famous pairs which shows the behavior of Bitcoin and its patterns in historical perspective.

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