Commodities include many subcategories, metals, energies, agriculture, livestock and meat. Under each subcategory stand many assets offering traders great trading opportunities. First commodities were traded between themselves and nowadays they are traded against money. Recently, commodity trading is very popular because they tend to stay stable and they have negative correlation with other assets like currencies or stocks. So if the US dollar is going up, the oil price tends to go down.

Why trade Commodities?

Commodities are very basic products for us all- we use corn, sugar, cacao, coffee, oil even gold in daily basic.
Commodities are very active yet considered as the safest assets of the market.
There are many factors which influence commodity prices like weather, demand and supply, political events, government restrictions.

Why trading commodities with Stockcore?

Choose inside a group

Yes, commodities are divided in four major groups, but you are enabled to choose commodities from all the groups. For example, you can diversify your trading portfolio with such commodities: cocoa, corn, wheat, oil, gas, gold, silver. Among many factors, supply and demand are the major factors which influence their prices.

Excellent trading expertise

Our customer support team is available 24/5 to provide you with effective solutions for any of the issues you might have. Contact us through the contact forms and we will be back in less time possible.

Trade anywhere you are

Trade through your mobile devices, iOS or Android. Our platforms are suitable for any mobile device operating system and you will not miss a single trading opportunity. No matter where you are, or if you do not have enough time to stay in front of the PC, trade with one click on your mobile. Manage your account on the go.

Take profit/ Stop Loss

Think about the lowest price you are fine with and set stop-loss to automatically close the position when the predefined price is reached. It is considered as one of the most brilliant tools for risk management. We offer it with the platforms without any additional fees.

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